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Title: Lesson
Fandom: Emma – Jane Austen
Rating/Genre: R/femslash
Pairing: Emma/Harriet
Summary: Harriet wants to know what happens between married couple. Emma, who knows a thing or two, decides to teach her.
Word count: 952
Spoilers/Warnings: No/NSWF, pwp
Notes: Written for the prompt Emma Woodhouse/Harriet, obedience, teach at Porn Battle XIII.

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Quiet Ride

Title: Quiet Ride
Fandom: Foyle’s War
Rating/Genre: pg-13/het
Pairing: Christopher Foyle/Samantha Stewart
Summary: Sam is tired of waiting for Foyle to make a move, so one quiet night she decides to take action.
Word count: 715
Spoilers/Warnings: No.
Notes: Written for Porn Battle XIII and the prompt Christopher Foyle/Samantha Stewart, quiet… but not actually that smutty (it’s het…) I just suddenly remembered that Sam/Foyle = OTP, so I had to write it. :)

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